How to Get from Gatwick to Heathrow?

Are you on a transit connecting flight and require to discover the best options for travelling from Gatwick to Heathrow to Gatwick?

Whether you are travelling for that long due holiday, or you are picking up a family member or a friend, to get from Gatwick Airport to Heathrow Airport (or vice versa) there are many options.

After all, these two airports are London’s busiest airports connecting flights for all destinations in the world. (LHR) is located west of London, and (LGW) is located directly to the south of Central London. The distance between both airports is approximately 37 miles. And it takes around 45 minutes to drive between them given normal traffic conditions.

Although London is a modern cosmopolitan city that is well-connected in terms of , most travellers find it often surprised that there are No Direct trains or Tube lines that connect these two major airports.

The options for getting from Gatwick to Heathrow serving all the terminals are as follows:

Travel by Coach Transfer

This service is provided by which is an intercity coach operator providing services throughout . National Express coaches also cater for operating regularly. The fare is around £35 one-way (per person). There are discounts for group bookings as well.

Travelling with this coach service may not be suitable for everyone particularly travellers with many carry-ons, because this coaching network has limitations on luggage allowance being just 2 bags (neither of which should weigh more than 20kg (44 lbs)). This is often less than your flight luggage allowance. Furthermore, large or odd-sized items (such as bikes or ski gear) are allowed at the discretion of the driver only if space is available. Also, no animals except guide dogs are allowed on coaches. If you are going to use this Coach service or , then make sure that you plan everything early as you may require to wait around 15 to 20 minute for the next coach schedule, since that could make a huge difference for check-in time for your flight.

Trains and Buses from Gatwick

Although there is no direct train service between Gatwick and Heathrow. The least expensive option to travel between the two airports is by using the and then a connecting bus. Keep in mind that getting to Heathrow or Gatwick airports will require a travel time of around 3 hours or more. This option of transport is not suitable for elderly travellers or families with children as carrying luggage up the escalators and stairs can be a difficult challenge.

It is also possible to take the from . The journey can be completed around 30 minutes, and a standard single ticket costs about £17. If you chose this path, you would then make your way to Heathrow via the Underground which would add around 50 minutes and cost an additional £4.80

Note: when travelling on standard bus services, you need to have a valid or United Kingdom contactless bank card for the bus service as there are no cash fares.

Transportation by Licensed Airport Taxi

Black Taxis at can only pick up passengers in the case they’ve forgotten to book a private taxi using advance booking. If you have not pre-booked, you will need to go to the airport information desk for assistance. Fares vary depending on number of passengers, amount of luggage and time of day for the trip.

At Heathrow, London Black Taxi cabs can be found in ranks outside all terminals and will . However, the cost could exceed £100 and during peak times, the wait could be long.

Gatwick to Heathrow Airport Transfers by Private Hire Cars

As you can imagine, a private hire car will provide you with the most comfortable and fastest way to travel between Gatwick and . During normal traffic conditions, the entire journey will take around 45 minutes to arrive.

If the travelling party consists of four or more people, then chartering a private hire is ideal and affordable because you don’t need to buy individual tickets. Not to mention the ease of transport for large suitcases as private hire cars have plenty of room for luggage.

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How Long Does It Take to Get from Gatwick to Heathrow? The journey alone is nonstop and will take about 52 min (35.3 miles) via M25.

Gatwick Airport (LGW), Horley, Gatwick RH6 0NP to Heathrow Airport (LHR), Longford TW6

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