11 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

YES or NO to Travel Insurance?

11 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can often seem like an extra expense that you might be able to convince yourself into skipping. Many travellers often ask the question, if they really need to get travel insurance and our answer is most definitely yes! Find out why you need to get travel insurance for your upcoming trip below.

1. You need to cancel your trip

I know you think that there will be nothing on earth that will make you cancel your trip but there are many unexpected things that might crop up. From illness, and financial issues to bereavement. If you need to cancel your trip due to an unexpected reason having travel insurance will ensure that you will be covered for your losses.

2. You miss your connection flight

This happens all too often. You’ve booked a cruise and arrived at the airport only to learn that your flight is delayed and you’ll miss your connection flight. This means you’ll also miss your cruise departure. What will you do? By taking out travel insurance with missed connection cover, you will be able to take another flight to join the ship at the next port. You’ll also receive help and assistance from your insurance company to help you arrange the flights and cover the costs.

3. Your flight is cancelled

Flights can be cancelled for a variety of reasons. By ensuring you have travel insurance that includes flight cancellation coverage you will be able to get an alternative flight home and have the expenses refunded. You’ll also be able to claim back for any hotel stays you had to pay for because of the cancellation.

4. Natural Causes damage your destination

Hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding and tornadoes can all cause damage to your holiday destination, weeks or even days before your departure. Make sure you don’t lose all the money you’ve worked hard to put into this vacation and get travel insurance with protection against weather damage. You will be able to recover your pre-paid holiday costs and travel assistance services will help you to arrange a new holiday at a location which hasn’t had been damaged by nature.

5. A terrorist event occurs

Another unfortunate event could derail any holiday plans. If a terrorist event occurs in your planned holiday destination and it is recommended to no longer travel to that region, what do you do? Pick travel insurance that includes terrorism coverage so you won’t lose out financially.

6. You get sick or injured on your trip

Ever heard of the dreaded Delhi belly? Getting sick can happen when travelling to a new country. Sometimes no matter how safe you play it, you can end up with a stomach bug or catching a virus. But what if you fall and injure yourself or suffer something more serious? You need to make sure you get travel insurance that covers emergency medical care. This will help you to cover any medical bills, which can be costly and will help provide you assistance in your own language to make navigating the medical facilities a lot easier.

7. Your baggage is delayed or lost

For whatever reason you are travelling, turning up to your destination without your luggage is an absolute nightmare. It can happen, airlines can lose your luggage or it can be delayed upon arrival. This is why making sure you have coverage for luggage that is lost stolen or damaged is so important. You will be reimbursed for any new clothes or personal items you may purchase and can even get money back for a new suitcase to take all your new clothes home with you!

8. Your passport is lost

Whether your passport has been lost by accident or stolen you will find yourself in a tricky situation. By adding passport cover to your insurance policy you will have help navigating through the process of replacing it and accessing a new passport.

9. You need an emergency medical evacuation

If you find yourself unwell and need urgent medical attention the situation can quickly deteriorate. Opt for medical evacuation coverage so that you can arrange transportation to a medical facility, quickly and safely. This can often cost in the tens of thousands of pounds, depending on the country or how remote you are, so it’s a vital thing to ensure you have covered in your policy.

10. Your travel company files for bankruptcy

It’s, unfortunately, something you have to be aware of these days. In today’s economic climate anything from airlines to hotels or travel agents can file for bankruptcy at a moment’s notice, often leaving users stranded. Choose travel insurance that covers financial default so you will be able to recover your expenses.

11. You need emergency assistance services

What happens if you get in an accident in a country where you don’t speak the language? There’s only so much you can do with Google Translate. Make sure you have travel insurance that offers emergency assistance services. This means that you will be able to navigate the emergency services of your destination with the support of your travel insurer.
11 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance
Written by Stuart Cooke, Digital Marketing Manager at MyBaggage.com

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