3 Things Tourists Visiting The UK Should Know

Are you thinking of travelling from The Land Down Under, to the glorious U.K? As I’m sure you already know, it’s a pretty long trip to make. You could be on a flight for over 22 hours and the flights aren’t exactly cheap., but It’s totally worth it though, right?!

Due to expense and distance, a trip to the UK is. won’t be a regular occurrence and it’s more likely to be a one-off experience for you. For this reason, you’ll want to make it a memorable one and have little (if any) regrets. To make sure your trip to the UK is smooth sailing, stress-free and somewhat affordable trip, take a quick look at these top 5 tips for visiting the UK.

1. Use A Luggage Shipping Company Can Save You Money

There are a number of reasons why you could be visiting the UK, it could be for a holiday, to work, study, or even to relocate. Either way, you will probably have a lot of luggage to take with you which can make your trip to the U.K even more expensive. One way of saving money when travelling to the U.K is by using a luggage shipping company to transport your belongings.

This method of transporting luggage abroad has become extremely popular in recent years, as it is often the more affordable and convenient option to getting your belongings to your chosen destination. Doing so can save you both time and money on your trip to the U.K. Most luggage shipping companies offer door-to-door luggage shipping, meaning you can do everything from the comfort of your own home and most importantly, travel luggage-free to the UK.

2. The Accents In The U.K Can Be Difficult To Understand

Even if you’re great at speaking English, or a pro translator, it’s likely that you will still face linguistic difficulties during your time in the UK. This isn’t because it’s a tough language to crack, but because there are so many accents in the UK and they’re all very different. Even some people from the UK are unable to understand what someone from a different area is saying to them.

Don’t let this put you off though, it’s pretty straightforward. Those in the UK speak about the weather a good bit, so you could get away with a simple smile and nod if you are a little stuck on understanding them. As well as this, ‘sorry’ is a word that is used a little too often in the U.K. By this, I mean it’s said all the time, even when it’s not needed and when it’s not their fault. Reading a few articles on commonly used terms in the UK could make your time there a little easier, as things might then make more sense!

3. You Will Need To Pack For All Weather

If you’re not a fan of bad weather and you think it will completely ruin your trip to the UK, It’s probably best that you don’t read on…Unfortunately, the UK isn’t known for having fantastic weather all year round. The UK is actually better known for having miserable weather a little too often.

Regardless of what time of year you are travelling to the UK, you will need to make sure that you pack sensibly. This means packing the essentials such as a raincoat, a brolly, closed shoes, and warm clothes, even if it is summertime. Packing warm clothes is particularly important if you’re travelling from Australia, as the temperature change and rainfall might be a little shock to the system and so it’s important that you’re prepared. However, as the weather in the UK is unpredictable, you could end up needing to pack summer wear and so, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the forecast prior to your travel date.

3 Things Tourists Visiting The UK Should Know

Written Stuart Cooke, Blog Editor at unibaggage.com. A luggage shipping company based in the UK that helps tourists send their baggage ahead to their destination.