Eurotunnel Pet Travel

Are you travelling between London and Paris with your PET?

Eurotunnel Pet Travel Dogs and Cats England to/from France
Eurotunnel Pet Travel “Dog and Cat” London to/from France

Having gladly shuttle happy pets “Dog and Cat” since 1999, we comprehend pets are part of the family. We cherish pets and accept even your hairy companion should make the most of your vacation with you. Travelling with us implies passengers and pet “Dog and Cat” are all going to enjoy the ride and remain together while . Appreciate calm pet travel with you.

Eurotunnel Pet Travel

Eurotunnel Pets cost only £22.00 per pet each way (applicable for Dogs, cats & ferrets) DEFRA Pet Travel Documentation is required. Eurotunnel can likewise cater for your pet rodents and rabbits, alongside all species of birds and pet invertebrates, ornamental tropical fish; water and land reptiles and amphibian all travel free of charge. Eurotunnel always works with key pet accomplices to give a top of line’s pet travel service. Registered Guide and Assistance Dogs travel free.

Top tips on how to travel with a Dog or Cat from Veterinary

  • Guarantee your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date before you book your vacation. “don’t abandon it until the latest possible time”
  • Pets are vulnerable to abstain from food changes so take satisfactory supplies of their normal sustenance.
  • Since this is a long journey give a pet a light meal before the trip and remember to pack small snacks for them (and the family).
  • Pack additional items like spare collars, beds, leads, and in addition toilet bags and of course plenty of water. It’s parched work going on holiday.
  • Know there are more biting insects abroad than we have in the United Kingdom. Ask your vet how you can make preventative steps for your pet.

*with the exception of birds of prey, poultry & racing pigeons
**excluding bees & crustaceans
***When accompanying their owner. An official registration certificate will have to be presented at check-in, together with the dog’s travel documentation.

How to Travel with a Dog?

Travelling to France with a Dog Important: Your pet dog must have had mandatory tapeworm treatment administered by a vet between 24–120 hours before arrival in the UK. Please note if the tapeworm treatment is not administered in time or correctly documented by a vet in the passport, it will result in your pet dog being refused travel. “Taking Dog to France Eurotunnel or  Bringing Dog to UK”

  1. Are there any designated pet exercise areas on either Terminal?
  2. Is there a drive-thru at the Pet Reception?
  3. Do I need my booking number when I visit the Pet Reception?
  4. Do I have to bring my pet inside the Pet Reception?
  5. What happens if my dog doesn’t have the tapeworm treatment in time?
  6. When does the tapeworm treatment have to be applied to my pet dog?
  7. Are there any pet checks carried out when I travel from the Continent?
  8. Are there any pet checks when I travel from the UK?
  9. What are the health requirements for bringing a pet to France?
  10. Can I take my horse to the Continent?
  11. Can I treat my dog for tapeworm with Frontline combo?
  12. Can I treat my dog for tapeworm with STRONGHOLD?
  13. Can I treat my dog for tapeworm with ADVOCATE?
  14. What tapeworm treatment can be used on my dog?
  15. What about Guide and Assistance dog travel?
  16. Is there a limit to the number of dogs I can take?
  17. Can I add pets to a booking I have made already?
  18. Does my dog need a muzzle when travelling?
  19. Where are pets kept whilst on board the shuttle?
  20. Where can I find a pet-friendly hotel?
  21. Where can I find a local vet?
  22. Are there any other pet controls after I have checked in?
  23. What is the minimum check-in time at the Pet Reception?
  24. Where do I check in my pet at the Calais Terminal?
  25. How often does my pet have to have a blood test?
  26. What do I have to do to bring my pet dog, cat or ferret back into the UK under
  27. the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS)?
  28. How much does it cost to travel with my pet?
  29. What do I need to know about the new Pet Passport?

Above Question are answered – Visit Eurotunnel Help Centre for Pet FAQ’s