How to get from Heathrow to Stansted Airport?

Unfortunately, transferring between any of London’s airports is never very easy; and going between Heathrow to Stansted airport is no exception.

Heathrow is located west of London city centre and Stansted is located northeast of the city. If you must transfer from Heathrow airport to Stansted airport, it is important to leave plenty of time.

The distance between the two airports is approximately 65 miles (105km) and the roads can be congested. Drive time between the two airports should be about 90 minutes in good conditions.

Heathrow Gatwick Cars would advise leaving a minimum of about 4 hours for a transfer between LHR airport and STN airport.

Coach Transfer

This service is provided by National Express, which runs about 15 coaches to and from each airport per day. The fare can range from £24 – £40 per person depending on if you are purchasing a one-way or return fare and depending on how far in advance you book.

The coach network has a luggage allowance of two bags, neither of which should weigh more than 20kg (44 lbs). This is often less than your flight luggage allowance. Large or odd-sized bags (such as bikes or skis) are allowed at the discretion of the driver and only if space available.

Also, no animals except guide dogs are allowed on coaches. You are also at the mercy of the bus schedule and route. The bus from Heathrow to Stansted stops at Heathrow terminals; the Central Bus Station and two coach stations at STN airport.

Getting from Heathrow to Stansted Airport by Train/Bus

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is not directly connected to the mainline rail network. However, there are four main options if you wish to make the journey by train.

The train does not offer time or cost benefits compared to coach transfers and involves at least 3 changes. For example, you could take the Heathrow Express into Paddington Station. Then, transfer to the tube and take the Hammersmith and City Line out to Liverpool Street Station; then take the Stansted Express to STN Airport. This would take about 108 minutes and cost approximately £40.50 in total.

Avoiding Heathrow express and using the Piccadilly Line will save you about £20.00; but involves an extra change of train and will take a little longer.

How to Connect Stansted Express Train

STN Station is situated at the base of the actual airport terminal property; exactly where facilities are accessible for buying tickets. All options take into consideration special requirements; even though you are unable to journey along with a bicycle on the particular Stansted Express.

  • Stansted Express” are the Train from Stansted Station to Liverpool Street Station. One you arrival get on to the tube. Consider the Hammersmith and City Line to Paddington Station. Once in paddington come out and get in to Heathrow Express for cruise directly into LHR airport.Stansted to Paddington via Liverpool Street: apx from £23.40 (about 85 min’s)
    Heathrow Express: from fare £22, £27 (on train) journey (15-23 min’s)
    Overall Time: roughly 100 -108 minutes. Total price approximately £43.50
  • Just like previously mentioned; nevertheless go ahead and take Heathrow Connect as an alternative only that isn’t non-stop however will cost less.
    Heathrow Connect Price: £10.10 per adult
    Overall Time: roughly 108-113 min’s. Total price approximately £34.60
  • Train from Stansted Station to Liverpool Street. Change to underground train as well as consider the Central Line to Holborn Station. Change to Piccadilly Line for journey out to Heathrow airport.
    Stansted Express: £19.00 (apx 40 minutes)
    Underground cost: £6.00 per adult (£3.00 11-15 yrs) (apx 75 min’s)
    Overall Time: roughly 115 min’s. Total price from £26.80

Licensed Airport Taxi (Black Cab)

At LHR airport, London Black Taxi cabs can be found in ranks outside all terminals and will transport to Stansted. The cost could exceed £200 and more during peak times; as they use ‘Taxi Meter‘ and the wait for a cab could be long.

Travel by Private Hire Vehicle

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A private hired car will be the fastest and most relaxing way of transferring between Heathrow to Stansted airport. Much cheaper than London tradition Black cab fare starts from £99.00 half price. Expect the journey to take 40-80 minutes – but it could take longer with congestion.

If your party consists of four or more people; chartering your own vehicle is going be competitively priced compared with other options. If you have a large or odd-sized bag, this might also be the best and most appropriate transport.

It is possible to book in advance. And this will leave you feeling more relaxed about your connection, rather than navigating through the other complicated options.

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How to get from Heathrow to Stansted Airport? One-way Fixed Mini Cab Fare from £140.00