London Taxi and Private Hire TPH

Taxi and Private Hire TPH

NOTE: Public Carriage Office (PCO) has changed its name to Taxi and Private Hire TPH
Find out how to become a taxi or private hire licensee and find the latest notices for current drivers, plus advice and updates on legal requirements and consultations. Visit: Taxi & private hire Transport for London

Our licensing fees have changed since 1 April 2015, please can you ensure you check our website for the correct fee before sending your application.
Licensing TPH landing page


Information for taxi and private hire licensees and new applicants

Ranks, regulation & policy tph landing page

Ranks, regulation & policy

General guidance and policy documents for the taxi and private hire trade

Enforcement & compliance tph landing page

Enforcement & compliance

We’re working alongside the police to target rogue drivers and operators

Be Cabwise

Passenger information

If you are a taxi or private hire passenger, go to our passenger information page