What is a Public Carriage Office (PCO) Licence?

Private Hire Driver (London)

A private hire driver (London) is issued for operators, vehicles and drivers to demonstrate they have passed a compilation assessments. And therefore are adhering to the demanding rules and regulations required by law.

The 3 licence are issued independent. You as a Private hire driver or chauffeur would require a licence to work for or with us. The usage vehicle you tend to use will also need to have licensing. Or use our Company vehicle which is already licenced. Without any subsequent of this licences you and/or the provider which to work in this field would be breaking the law.

professional driver driving a car on England Country side

The Public Carriage Office (PCO) undertakes frequent inspections of all operators premises. Including and likewise random road-side investigations of all drivers working as a or a London taxi Black cab drivers and their vehicles. New licences normally requires around 16 weeks and all depend on receipt of a Criminal Data Check (CRB) that ensures passenger safety.
Are you already holding a PCO licence and seeking to work additional hours? We possess an impressive prospects for private hire driver (London) to work for Heathrow Gatwick Cars clients.

We provide PCO Driver Jobs to licenced drivers as exceptional possibility to increase their earnings throughout the unprofitable quiet time. Due to continual improvement we are immediately seeking knowledgeable PCO drivers for the swiftly increasing airports and seaports transfer.

Professional Driver Requirements:

  • Must have a valid PCO license.
  • Smart Appearance (Suit & Tie), presentable trousers shirt & shoes,
    (No Trainers, No Jeans) must be worn always on duty servicing all our passenger(s) and clients.
  • At least 1 – 3 years PHV experience.
  • Excellent London knowledge.
  • Decent English spoken.
  • Able to work a Day, split or night shift.
  • Must be happy to work on a Weekly or two weekly payment options.

Company Car Requirements:

  • More Than 25 years of age.
  • A maximum of 6 points on driving licence.
  • New PCO Badge will undergo training.
  • Two free car washes each week.
  • Drivers shall be matched in twos & should be capable of sharing the car.
  • Prepared to work on the adaptable shift pattern.
  • Capable of paying deposit of £500.00 for the security of the car and insurance including any kit from us.
  • You need to know Greater London roads and routes to all airports including the private jet airport and UK seaports.
  • Well-dressed, well-presented, excellent hygiene.
  • Excellent customer service skills.

Owner Private Hire Drivers (London) Requirements:

  • Must have your own .
  • Vehicles under 6 years (Standard Saloon cars, MPV’s Hybrid and Exec Cars).
  • Reliable and able to work on a 20% commission basis.
  • Excellent knowledge of Central London required.
  • Should have PCO licence.
  • Should have decent spoken English.
  • Is required to be well groomed in a suit and tie.
  • Must be capable of start work at from 0400 early morning.
  • Is required to be a hard worker.
  • Well-presented, excellent hygiene and suit and tie all time on duty.
  • Outstanding client service.
  • Deposit for £300.00.

What we’re offering:

  • Company luxury car, fuel and insurance all included at NO COST.
  • Every two payments directly into your account.
  • Great earning potential for hard working drivers.
  • Earn £21,000+ per annum Earning Potential Between or £350.00-£900.00 Minimum per week.
  • Excellent airports and cruise ports jobs including long distance London trips.
  • Reduced commission helping you to make maximum earnings.
  • Possibility to make absolutely very good tips depending on your altitudes towards the clients.
  • Fair and Equal approach to all drivers.
  • Excellent office environment support.
  • Account jobs paid immediately every two week
  • You’ll be able to work when you wish – whenever you require a passenger simply call the office.
  • Being a appreciated individual in our company you may expect.
  • Full and part-time work offered.
  • No Pubs or No Clubs Night Pick-up only drop-off if client which too.

Our aim is to provide exceptional customer service for all our valued passengers and clients, so if you believe you can contribute towards our mission, then, join the UK’s leading completely zero-emission and . No late clubs or Pubs Pick-up as our business is 90% airport transfers.

Please ensure that you provide your if responding through e-mail. In order for us to respond promptly please send us an email attaching all your working documents to we are looking forward to welcoming you to our professional and experienced team of drivers.