Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a quotation or even complete a booking?

To obtain a quotation be sure to make use of our ‘‘ platform that can be found on our Home page. In case your place to go is not quoted using our online booking system, we are then able to provide a complete personalised quotation along with complete guidelines, simply

Must all bookings be made ahead of time?

We highly recommend advance booking, because once your booking has been made, a vehicle is reserved and we guarantee availability. Last-minute bookings however can be accommodated.

Precisely what is contained in the price?

The fixed fare price will be the total price for the booking which includes appropriate VAT and parking charges.

What sort of vehicle will pick me up?

This depends on the number of suitcases and passengers, and in other situations, we will upgrade your vehicles but never provide a lower vehicle.   Keep in mind that all our vehicles are modern, well maintained and regularly serviced to ensure our customer’s safety and comfort. The largest vehicles are VW Transporter long-wheelbase Multi-people carriers (8 Seater MPV) with enough space for up to 8 passengers and 8 suitcases.

How long will it take before I receive confirmation?

You will definitely receive confirmation of your booking within 6 hours (during working hours) (3 or fewer hours for urgent bookings). If you have not received an acknowledgement within this period, please contact us to confirm your booking irrespective of whether we have received your booking request.

Can I cancel?

It is possible to cancel your booking granted you allow us 24 hours’ notice before your transfer, they will be no cancellation charge. Should you cancel after this period you may incur a termination fee of 25% including transaction charges of £15.00 . If you desire to make a adjustment that will impact the price of the actual booking you might want to cancel and re-book.

Is there a cancellation charge?

Our cancellation expenditure is as the following: Under 12 hours notice 100% of the fare is held on to along with the transaction fee, 12-48 hours notice 50% of the fare will be retained along with transaction charge, Greater than 48 hours notice £15.00 cancellation charge will be held on to along with transaction charge:

How do I locate my private licenced private hire driver/chauffeur at the airports or UK seaports?

Meet and Greet Services: The easiest way driver/chauffeur to meet you within the seaports and airport terminal Arrivals. Passengers who select the “” should expect their own driver to be waiting in the terminal near the information desk or at Costa coffee, holding a name-board as they enter their arrivals hall. Please ensure you have a mobile phone fully charged and switched on to allow us to get hold of you in case of any problems meeting up. The service costs £15.00 and any extra time after 45 mins will be charged including car park costs respectively.

Alternatively, it is possible to contact us whenever you are ready to take off. As soon as we have received your call, the driver (who will be on the standby outside of the airport terminal) will get in touch with you within roughly 15 minutes. Please be aware, that this choice is only designed for passengers who have provided us with a mobile number working within the UK at the time of arrival.

Suppose I don’t possess a mobile number?

In case you don’t have a mobile number, please use a terminal public phone to contact us. Inside the airport terminal, the driver shall be waiting to meet the passenger(s) with the name provided on the meet and greet name board. All booking confirmation messages are sent by email. Public pay phones can be found in the luggage hall inside the terminal.

What will happen in case the flight arrives late(delayed) or cancelled?

Please counsel us of any adjustments the instant you know about these kinds of changes. involve monitoring the flight provided arrival times regardless of a late (delay) or early arrival, the driver shall be there. This means the pick-up time will change automatically matching the landing time of the flight provided. We shall re-schedule your airport transfer to match the flight landing time.

Your driver will go into the airport terminal 25 minutes after your flight lands (15 minutes for European and domestic flights). As soon as the driver enters the terminal, yet another 45 minutes of waiting time are included within our quotes.

This means that from the minute the flight lands, you will have 1 hour and 10 minutes to meet up with the driver (1 hour for European and domestic flights). If over the exceptionally unusual situation you haven’t found the driver during this period, waiting time is charged at £15.00 per hour (0.25p per minute) and for chauffeur executive cars will matter with the provided. This will cover the driver waiting for time and car park fees correspondingly. For those who have any kind of uncertainties, it’s possible to request a later pick-up time.

Will I be required to pay waiting time charges?

Should you come through from the baggage hall within 1 hour from the arrival time there is absolutely no waiting time charge. The charge is calculated from 45 minutes after the arrival time or from the scheduled pick-up time whichever is the latest. In case you are above 10 minutes overdue for any pick-up charges will apply from the booked pick-up time. The waiting time charge is payable at the rate of £0.25 per minute.

How long does it take to undergo customs?

The transit time to arrival through customs will be between 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Our regular process is usually to book the pick-up time for 45 minutes after landing. The drivers are willing to wait up to 1 hour without an extra waiting time charge. Place the at a later pick-up time in case you are worried about taking longer and desire to spend time within the airport. It is not necessary to make any allowance when the plane is delayed since we will change the meeting time to the flight arrival time.

How long will the driver wait for me?

After the allocated waiting time has run out the driver will always make comprehensive inquiries within the airport terminal (from customs; airline; airport information desk) before mentioning back to the office where even more inquiries shall be made. Solely after that will the driver be authorised to depart the airport terminal.

Do you provide Infants and Children seats?

Bookings for infants and youngsters are welcomed and are considered as a passenger, select the type of vehicle that will accommodate their suitcases and any additional there is pushchair. We will allocate a seat for each infant or child there is no legal requirement of youngsters to wear a seat-belt in in the . Nevertheless, child car seats are available on request at an extra cost £5.00.

What if I have left behind something in the vehicle?

if you think maybe you might have dropped any kind of items throughout your transfer and we shall investigate with the driver concerned. In case we discover the item we shall ensure it is available for you to collect or organise to deliver it. When it comes to extra charges for the expense of the journey would apply.

How do I pay for my transfer?

Cash – Sterling (£) directly to the driver, PayPal, Debit Card/Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express. Please be aware that charge cards incur a surcharge of £5.00.

Are my payment card details safe with Heathrow Gatwick Cars?

Under our payment system, all card information is dispatched directly to the bank. The details are not recorded or even stored by which means that your information details are secure.
Does my fare include a tip?

Absolutely no. Neither the very least charge perhaps fare includes a tip. Offering a tip will be optional together with entirely up to you.

Is It Possible to get a receipt and when will I obtain a receipt?

Your booking confirmation e-mail acts like a receipt/invoice for the payment, for VAT receipts will be provided on request 7 days after the transfer/journey. When you pre-pay using a credit or debit card we can provide an invoice through e-mail. Passengers can even receive a receipt from their driver after the transfer has been accomplished.

Have you got account facilities?

Account facilities may be established subject to reputation. To receive an application form be sure to give us a call on the phone or perhaps by e-mail.

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