Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions Please read through these Terms and Conditions carefully prior to your booking as they consist of information and facts concerning your rights and responsibilities and therefore you “Booker” are bound by them.

Welcome to our website, please read this legal statement carefully as it’s just as important as other pages on our website. This legally binding statement details the Terms and Conditions between you (Booker) and The Company (Heathrow Gatwick Cars) on behalf of Crony Trading Ltd.

Crony Trading Ltd o/a Heathrow Gatwick Cars as a provider of private airport On-line transfer Booking service (can also be termed as “we” “our” “us” “website or site”)

Crony Trading Ltd is a limited company registered in England and Wales with registration number 5732999 (the “Company”), trading as Heathrow Gatwick Cars reserves the legal right to modify, adjust, remove or perhaps improve these particular terms and conditions anytime that believes it appropriate without notice. Any terms and conditions before this were in use but afterwards reversed or even improved have zero legal bases. With respect to concepts as well as decisions established within these terms and conditions, on behalf of Crony Trading Ltd, shall act its Management.

By making a booking on the Heathrow Gatwick Cars website, the purchaser is believed to be legally bound by these terms and conditions as they may be revised and published on the website every now and then along with other important information within the website. If you are unable to want to be bound by these terms and conditions then, unfortunately, may very well NOT place an order via our website. Orders placed with regard to transportation services should preferably be made in advance.

Assist us all with your requirements successfully Company require at the very least 12 hours’ notice. On the other hand, if you’re to make a booking of instantaneous nature, we intend to attempt to provide, however, not guaranteed to reserve depending on the availability. We shall aim to assist you precisely where we could. An enquiry will never incorporate a vehicle booking unless you obtain confirmation from the company.

Booker is supposed to present precise journey information and the type of vehicle needed to have the capacity for all passengers along with their suitcases. In spite of this, absolutely no responsibility shall be accepted in the event this isn’t achievable. An alternative solution vehicle of similar specification shall be provided in this particular situation. We reserve the right to provide a more elevated requirements vehicle, incorporating the ones from various other operators, than the one required. Completely no extra cost shall be imposed so long as the excess seats and also facilities or perhaps capacity are empty.

Booker ensures that all information you provide to the Company when you make the booking shall be accurate, of the fact that the debit or credit card that you choose to use is your individual knowing that there exists sufficient amount of credit facilities to pay for the price of the reservation.

Fares usually are subjected to adjust over the following public holiday season and are charged at twice the regular price: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Booker is accountable for making certain you allow sufficient time between the pick-up time and flight departure time. The recommended time via the Heathrow Gatwick Cars staff is for guidance only.

A grace period of 15 minutes is granted on pick-ups apart from airports, waiting time following this time is calculated by reviewing with regard to the original pick-up time with the convenient waiting time tariff.

A period of 45 minutes is granted on London airports and UK seaport terminal pick-ups (eliminating London City Airport) included in the meet and greet service. Waiting time and increased airport car parking charges are incurred following this period at the applicable rate.

For every booking, a confirmation e-mail shall be sent to you showing your reservation information. It’s your accountability to confirm that you’ve received the confirmation e-mail knowing that the information of your respective reservation within the confirmation e-mail is accurate in advance of the journey along with enlightening the Company in case there is any kind of mistakes.

The Company cannot be held accountable in the event the information entered during the time of making your request tend to be inappropriate. You are required to provide a copy of your respective confirmation e-mail or even your airline flight ticket to the driver at the beginning of your trip.

Booker should request confirmation of cancellation by email when cancelling any pre-booking. Our cancellation charges are as follows: Please visit Refund Policy.

Mobile phone provided during the booking requires to be taken along with passenger and also switched on with sufficient charge during the time of the pick-ups to make sure the Company is able to make get in touch with the passenger. Any changes that occur in regard to the booking must be an informant to the Company as soon as awareness has occurred.

Meet and Greet services at Airport and Seaport terminal (pick-ups);

All passengers make their way to the Arrivals Hall.

  • Terminal 2, 3 & 4 drivers will meet passengers at the arrival area by WH Smith.
  • Terminal 5 drivers will meet passengers at Costa Coffee.
    If you are unable to locate your chauffeur contact our office.

The driver may have the ability to assist if the luggage is heavy, but passengers (s) are responsible to load and unload their belongings as we will not definitely accept any liability for loss or damage of the particular luggage.

If the vehicle never arrived at the desired time, passengers are required to contact us by telephone immediately so that the Company can take care of any kind of difficulties with the pick-up. E-mail must not be utilized for instance critical communications for the reason that the Company will be incapable to offer an instant response. To prevent acquiring charged for a ‘No-Show‘, the passenger must not depart the actual pick-up location without having first made Contact Us on 020 8656 4509.

The Company entirely require a mobile number for the passenger(s) being pick-up in the airport/seaport terminal as this provides the approach to making contact with the passenger.

All our vehicles and drivers are private hire licence holders and their legal employment status is self-employed, which means they are not employed by the Company but work under the Company. On the other hand, it’s prohibited considering the driver to rearrange any booking directly through the passenger(s). Passengers are required and must book their transfer via HeathrowGatwickCars.com the site or perhaps contact us through phone or e-mail. Otherwise, the transfer will definitely not be covered under the Company insurance.

Further costs apply for additional services. Additional features include airport and seaport meet and greet, waiting time, demands intended for upgrade (executive or MPV) vehicles, usage of mobile phone, parking fees, requests to take a trip on the M25 motorway, various other stops and supply of baby seats

Infants, Babies or Children; Please be aware when selecting the type of vehicles they are often counted as passengers. Sometimes it is essential when considering how huge might be the vehicles you prefer to choose, there exists an extra additional cost should you request infants or child seats or even boosters (we will provide seat designs perfectly to suit the children to sit down on).

Carriage of baggage is without question solely at the owner’s risk, the Company is definitely not held accountable for any damage to, or loss of passenger properties transported while in the suitcases place or even inside the passenger part of the vehicle. Whilst we Endeavour to estimate the number of suitcases transported, the Company is restricted on suitcases’ weight and capacity. It’s strictly not allowed to load suitcases within the passenger seats in a vehicle concerning visible safety grounds. If Heathrow Gatwick Cars consider it will be significant to rearrange for a larger vehicle to transport luggage in excess of notice this will be charged appropriately. Please be aware this won’t specifically associate considering the number of passengers transported.

Unless alternatively suggested with the passenger, routes journeyed shall be with the driver’s wisdom, prior to road traffic and climate conditions. Regardless of whether the direction could be the quickest or otherwise not, completely no allowance shall be made to the hire on the ground which the route adopted is simply not the quickest. Neither the company nor its providers or even staff members shall be accountable for any kind of delay that occurs or prompted.

Passenger(s) must ensure they possess a passport along with other stuff needed for travelling. In case you have left behind a specific thing and require to return to gather the item we are helpless to hold on or deviate against the intended routine. Travellers will be required to achieve their own transfer solution arrangements and will not receive any refund from the Company.

We shall have no accept financial obligations whatsoever for any delays or failure to carry you, caused by rerouted journeys beyond control for illustration attributable to road closer/works/diversion, traffic congestion/congestion, incidents/accidents causing Delays, or severe climate/ weather conditions or even vehicle mechanical failure. Including; Denied Entry to Airports, Unexpected Traffic Delays, Strike / Industrial Action, Security Alerts, Terrorist or Threat Of Terrorist Action.

Conduct themselves by any means which endangers or even threatens the safety or security, which causes displeasure, inconvenience, injury/damage of any passenger or driver or their property incorporating the vehicle; appearing abusive or perhaps threatening to the driver and also another passenger.

Restricted items such as Chemicals, Weapons, Drugs (except prescription drugs), Dead or Live Animals, and Dangerous chemical substances as identified within the Health and Safety at Work Acts. Should a passenger(s) present herself or himself intended for a journey along with any kind of restricted items, transportation shall be refused unless of course the passenger appropriately along with safely eliminates the restricted item.

Refunds will never be offered to passengers who happen to be refused permission to travel simply because they’re in possession of restricted items and they are incapable to dispose of these items prior to travel.

Completely no alcohol consumption is granted inside the vehicles at any moment within any kind of situation. In the event the vehicle needs valeting as a consequence of negligence and even alcohol consumption health conditions associated, the passenger(s) shall be charged £160.00. This will be used to compensate for the subsequent lack of earnings/cost connected with cleaning.

Every endeavour is perfect for the faultless operating of the vehicles, however, no accountability can be accepted for any breakdown in any respect or even any additional expense or perhaps damage suffered by the client or passengers thereafter.

All passengers are required to comply with the following conduct throughout the transfer: Put on the actual car seatbelt constantly whilst the vehicle is on the move and conduct themselves in an acceptable, practical along with lawful manner. Abide by the driver’s guidance as well as route, considerately taking into account the comfort of other passengers.

Smoking will not be permitted around and onboard (inside the vehicles) and is prohibited in the UK, and Great Britain. Take onto any vehicle any kind of hot food, alcoholic beverages or even drugs (except for prescription medication) to ingest or drink them or perhaps consume or take them. The company reserves the right (and delegates to their private hire driver/chauffeurs the right) to refuse to transport any passenger(s) who seems to be believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and/or whose conduct is regarded as to pose a menace to the driver or chauffeur, the vehicle or perhaps the passengers.

Passengers shall be charged appropriately in the event of any damage they induce to the actual interior/exterior associated with the private hire vehicles provided by us.

Passenger whom neglect to abide by the above regulations or whom we may sensibly suspect will probably violation or even continuously violation the above-mentioned regulations is likely to be refused to get on inside the vehicle or even be taken off the vehicle. In such instances further carriage shall be refused and also the Reservation cancelled without refund.

For passengers with complaints, you must explain to the licenced driver immediately. If you wish to come up with a proper criticism, he/she will have to inform the Company through writing and also contact us within 7 trading days following the journey date.

Whilst the Company will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure compliance by passengers with the above rules, it will not be liable for any act or omission of any other passenger.

All vehicles are usually cleaned ahead of departure, nonetheless absolutely no liability can be accepted for clothing and so forth, being marked, stained or dirtied by dust, road oil or even grease from any part of the vehicles.

All vehicles tend to be fully covered by insurance under a private hire and reward insurance policy, as required by British law. Even though every care is utilized, passengers’ property is carried solely at their own risk with no accountability can be accepted for damage or even loss. Passengers are consequently advised to seek their own travel insurance.

The Company embraces simply no responsibilities for virtually every loss along with any property damage, together with suitcases taken inside the hire vehicle or minibus conversely this kind of damage is caused.

In an outcome of selecting the unsuitable type of vehicle, Heathrow Gatwick Cars reserve the legal right to refuse any passenger(s) possessing excess suitcases which will increase the risk of the vehicle being hazardous on the road, or decline any reservations and also request passenger(s) in order to prevent your vehicle whenever considered his/her conduct is incompatible considering the safeness over the private hire driver.

An acceptable number of regular passenger(s) suitcases is allowed, however, suitcases which in the opinion of the private hire driver/chauffeur come down to an unnecessary excess weight are definitely not taken.

The Company will not exclude or restrict any kind of responsibility regarding death or accidental injury which occurs on account of its carelessness or even that relating to any one of its team members while working during the course of their employment. In cases where the Company can be found liable to you for any kind of reason in any respect, the utmost responsibility to you is restricted to twice the expense of your trip.

The Company reserves the right to use an approved private hire operator as a sub-contract affiliate provider to fulfil any bookings should the Company consider that appropriate, all of our rights and obligations under these terms and conditions still stands at all time. If any stipulation or term of these terms and conditions shall be turned out to be declared illegal, invalid or unenforceable for whatever reason such term or provision shall be deleted but all other terms will remain valid.

The above terms and conditions and passenger use of airport transfer service are governed by the laws of England and Wales, in case of any kind of disagreement under the Company’s written contract, the passenger accepts to submit to the exclusive legislation inside the British legal courts. Failure by either party to exercise any kind of appropriate solution within this contract will not constitute a waiver of this right or remedy.

Feed-Back :

Our Company encourages and values feedback in regards to the transfer service provided in order improvements and is devoted to investigating any kind of complaints put forward within 7 days of the booking date. Complaints are required to be submitted to the Company by email or letter within 7 days of the return booking date. Complaints submitted after this date will not be considered by the Company.