What Type of Taxis are at Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Taxis are regulated all through the United Kingdom, however, the regulation of cabs in London is particularly thorough concerning mechanical honesty and driver information. The which was known as Public Carriage Office, that controls and licenses taxicabs and private hire (generally known as minicabs) was transferred from the Metropolitan Police to become some portion of Transport for London in 2000.”

Taxi and Private Hire as part of Transport for London and in charge of licensing the traditional London taxicab or “Black cab” and furthermore licenses private hire or minicab services.

In any chance that you have chosen to take a taxi to Heathrow then you have settled on a decent decision, it can remove a ton of bother from your voyage to the air terminal as you won’t need to stress over airport parking or returning a rental car. Insofar as you pick a respectable Heathrow taxi firm to get you to the LHR terminal on time then you will have little to stress over.

What Type of Taxis are at Heathrow Airport

  • Black Cabs also know as “London Taxi” or Hackney carriages (taxis) can be waved to stop anywhere on the road or employed from a taxi rank.
    Heathrow Taxis are waiting in London Airport
    London Taxis are waiting in London Heathrow Airport

    “Black taxis” were traditionally coloured black, yet this is not a necessity anymore and taxicabs are now painted in different colours, at times bearing advertising; in any case, they are customarily called black cabs to recognize them from minicabs.

    When the yellow TAXI sign at the front is illuminated, the taxicab is available for hire. Black taxis are lawfully obliged to go up against any employment for ventures up to 12 miles (20 miles for taxicabs at the Heathrow Airport taxi ranks, or up to one-hour duration.

    Only authorized hackney carriages can pick up passengers on the street without pre-booking. A hackney or hackney carriage (also called a black cab, cab, London taxi or hack) is a carriage or automobile for hire. They are more expensive thanks to Minicab.

  • Private Hire vehicles also known as “Minicabs” are passenger cars which can be either; Saloon/Sedan, Estate/Station Wagon or 6-8 Minibus “4-8 seater” conveying up to four travellers or MPVs that are authorized to carry in the vicinity of 5 and 8 travellers. These may not be hailed in the street.In London the term minicab is utilized to allude to a private hire vehicle and “private hire”; that is an auto with a driver available for hire only on a pre-booked basis.
    heathrow taxi private vehicles on a London street during peak hour
    Private Hire vehicle on a London street during peak hour

    They started working in the 1960s in rivalry with hackney carriages after an escape clause in the law was spotted. A minicab must be reserved; by phone, web, fax, or face-to-face at the registered minicab office. A minicab can be reserved at the time it is required, however just from the office of a company registered to acknowledge appointments as opposed to straightforwardly with a driver.

  • Chauffeur driven vehicles are a sub-fleet of private hire vehicles; for the most part a higher-esteem executive cars, for example; Mercedes Benz “from , or ” or Rolls Royce‎, Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley Flying Spur, Bentley Mulsanne and Jaguar where the passengers pays a premium however consequently gets high-level of comfort and a little obligingness from the chauffeur, some of whom wear a uniform.

    S Class Mercedes car and private chauffeur
    S Class Mercedes car and a private chauffeur

What are the Usual Fees Taxi Operators in Heathrow Airport Charge

“Minicabs Fare” All are Fixed Heathrow Taxis Fare

Travel distances and fares from Heathrow

To Distance Approximate Journey Time Approximate cost
Central London 20 Miles 60 Mins £35-£50
Gatwick Airport 38 Miles 40 Mins £70-£90
Southampton 62 Miles 70 Mins £95-£112
Reading 27 Miles 36 Mins £50
Luton Airport 34 Miles 40 Mins £65-£90
Stansted Airport 64 Miles 70 Mins £90-£107
Oxford 47 Miles 60 Mins £80

* Please note that these prices are only estimates. Fares can vary depending on routes, taxi firm rates and time of journey. Please contact a firm directly for a quotation.

“Black Cab Fare” Fare for London Taxi at Heathrow:

London’s official taxis, black cabs can be hailed in the street or at designated ranks situated in prominent places,

This table shows typical fares and journey times based on distance for the different tarrifs. Fares and journey times may be higher if there are delays or heavy traffic.

Distance Approx 
journey time
Monday to Friday 
05:00 – 20:00
(Tariff 1) 
Monday to Friday
20:00 – 22:00
Saturday and Sunday 
05:00 – 22:00
(Tariff 2)
Every night
22:00 – 05:00
Public holidays
(Tariff 3)
1 mile 6 – 13 mins £6 – £9.40 £6 – £9.40 £7 – £9.20
2 miles 10 – 20 mins £9 – £14.60 £9.60 – £14.80 £10.60 – £15
4 miles 16 – 30 mins £16 – £23 £17 – £23 £18 – £28
6 miles 28 – 40 mins £24 – £31 £30 – £33 £29 – £34
Between Heathrow and
Central London
30 – 60 mins £48 – £90 £48 – £90 £48 – £90

There is a minimum fare of £2.60 at all times.

The passenger will be required to pay the full fare displayed on the meter toward the finish of the trip unless the driver and traveller concur on the final fare to be charged before the beginning of the ride.

Once a Heathrow taxi journey achieves 6 miles, the rate at which the taxi fare increases changes. Amid tariffs 1 and 2, the rate increments and during tariff 3, the rate diminishes.

Heathrow Airport Taxi Fares for destinations outside Greater London might be consulted between the traveller and cabbie before the voyage. In the event that no fare has concurred before the beginning of the excursion then the maximum fare will be that appeared on the meter toward the finish of the adventure.

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